Hardest Cessna 172 Flight Preparation Quiz

Did you know that a Cessna 172 is holding the world record for the longest flight? Once upon a time in the year 1958 on December 4, Robert Timm and John Cook took off from McCarran Airfield, Las Vegas. 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes and 5 seconds later they landed their newly built Cessna with registration number N9172B.

Food and water were supplied by a car matching their speed somewhere on a straight road in the desert. Fuel was transferred from a fuel truck to an auxiliary tank. Then pumped into the wing tanks.

Sounds like an adventure. Nothing that we do every day, right? We don't have a refuel option and are more bound to handbook performance values. So here is a little quiz that covers all Cessna 172 models. Test your Cessna Handbook knowledge now with the following 5 questions!

How much longer is the landing runway on a 172R and 172S with flaps up?

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What does the POH of newer models recommend regarding the performance tables?

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The ground roll of a Cessna 172S at MSL, 0°C (32°F) is 227m (745ft), obstacle clear is 389m (1275ft). What are the values at MSL and 30°C (86°F)?

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Regarding performance - what is the main difference between 172I, 172K, 172L?

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How does the "Skyhawk" configuration influence most models at cruise?

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Cessna 172
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You have learned a bit about the Cessna 172 today, right?

There are quite a few bits and pieces in the Cessna Handbooks, right? But we have good news. Iduna FLY takes all of them into account for your performance calculation.

Now What?

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