Iduna FLY is now available for everyone

So far Iduna FLY was available for iPad. Today we have a big announcement. We have released a Web App. This means that Iduna FLY can now be accessed from any platform and with any device.

First, we were a bit skeptical if a Web App would make sense, but after some investigation and research we found out that the Web App will look and behave the same way as the iPad App. That's when we decided to develop it.

We are still working to get some features of the iPad App into the Web App like IFR routing or data synchronization between the iPad and the Web App. Until we are finished, you can use the Web App for free. If you sign up now, you get up to 20% off the final version.

Here you can access the Web App:

Pictures say more than a 1000 words. Please be convinced by the pictures of the Web App below and give it a try on your tablet, smartphone and desktop.

As a little extra we have also added eight new airplanes which we also list below.

Flight Preparation

An overview of your finished flight preparation.

Weight and Balance

The same comfortable way of changing weight data.

Edit Airplane

Setup your airplane easily.

Route Overview

View and change your route parameters.


Switch between all your defined airplanes.

Smartphone and Tablet

The Web App runs on any device and any operationg system.

Like it?

Here you can access it:

Here is a list of airplanes we have added additionally:

  • Tecnam P2008 JC
  • Tecnam P2010
  • Diamond DV-20 100
  • Diamond HK 36 TC-100
  • Diamond HK 36 TTC
  • Falke SF 25C Limbach
  • Falke SF 25C 912A
  • Falke SF 25C 912S

If you like what we do, we would be honored if you share or rate it.

Thanks in advance.

Happy preparing!

Your Iduna FLY Team

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