Iduna FLY System

Iduna FLY started as a pre-flight preparation for iPad and turned into a system which allows to have pre-flight preparation almost everywhere. There is a web client which runs on any platform with a browser. The web server allows to access flight preparation and airplane data via a clear and simple Rest-API.

Checkout the following list to get an overview and links to the respective parts of the system.

iPad App

Initially we have launched the iPad App. It became the showcase for our quality - easy and intuitive to use, a joy to look at. You can download it here.

65 Airplanes available

Since we launched Iduna FLY we have added 65 of the most common airplanes. See the full list of all supported airplanes here.

Web App

Our customers wanted to use flight preparation not only on iPad. Our Web App is responsive and runs on all devices and platforms. Check it out here.

Common Codebase

All data and all calculation for all airplanes are implemented in a common codebase which is used for our servers and for all clients.


Iduna FLY contains all performance data of all available airplanes. Between 1,000 and 10,000 data points per airplane are available for performance calculation. All data can be accessed via a clear and simple API. Here is the documentation.

Interlink with other systems

Link your system to Iduna FLY and let us do the flight preparation. Guide your user to our web interface and let the specific preparation run in our web interface. After your user finishes you can access all calculated flight preparation data. Check out how to implement it here.

Tool for airplane data import

We have created a tool which allows us to easily import data from any handbook no matter if it is based on diagrams or tables. This way we can add new airplanes easily. If necessary even daily.

Support for Airplane Operators

Airplane operators can create templates of their airplanes with mass, moment and extras already filled out. Pilots can find them by call sign and make sure they are always up-to-date.