Special update with long awaited Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG

Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG

It took a while, but now it is available:

  • Ruschmeyer R 90-230 RG - 32 votes

Please tell your friends about the newly added models, so they can also ease up their flight preparation too.

Is your airplane not on the list above?

Here are a few tips to get your airplane high up the voting list, so we implement it. These are all recommendations by pilots that got their airplanes on top of the voting list:

  • Tell your pilot friends
  • Post in your facebook groups
  • Post in forums
  • Tell your club members

Airports we have added

We have also added some airports that you requested:

  • EDTQ Pattonville
  • EDKP Plettenberg-Hüinghausen

Happy preparing!

Your Iduna FLY Team

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