Newsletter #1 – The first month of airplane specific flight preparation with Iduna FLY


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Iduna FLY, airplane specific flight prepartion, is now one month available in the App Store. You just started reading our first newsletter.

First of all, we want to thank all of you. The responses and feedback have been fantastic so far. We always dreamed of a tool that helps the people that use it. It seems as if we did a first big step to realize that dream.

We always keep improving and learning. If you have any wishes, feedback, improvements, please let us know.

So you are all curious what happened last month?

Individual links for airplane operators

Each operator can put a link on their homepage which refers to all airplane data. Pilots only need to open that link on their iPad which then adds/updates the respective airplane. This way the operators can make sure that pilots always have access to the latest airplane data. This data contains the callsign, mass, moment and all available equipment. We already provided this to operators and the feedback was very positive.

METAR data requested online

Tired of checking the current METAR data? Us too. Hence we request it online for you when you define a route. You can update it by hand anytime. A further step towards making Iduna FLY as easy and smooth as possible.

PRO plan is now available

Based on your feedback we added a PRO plan. We created it with pilots in mind that fly a lot of different airplanes. Buying a lot of airplanes comes at a significant initial cost. The PRO plan is based on a monthly subscription. By subscribing you can use all available airplanes at no additional charge. Also, all new airplanes we add will be available within this plan.

Tell a Friend about Iduna FLY from within the App

We are proud of our tool and always feel the need to tell our friends about it. It helps us, so we want to refer it to our friends. We hope it helps you too and we would be honored if you also tell your friends about it. We even reward you with a two weeks trial extension for all your current trials. You can find the “Tell a friend” in the menu on the top left. Thanks in advance for referring us.

Lots of little improvements in various areas

We are always eager to make Iduna FLY as appealing, easy to use and good looking as possible. We use it on a daily basis. With your feedback and our experience, we always keep improving the App.

We are looking forward to a great second month. We hope to see each other at the AERO.


Happy preparing!

Your Iduna FLY Team



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