Iduna FLY’s first birthday, 500 new Airports in Germany, 1 new Airplane

We started developing Iduna FLY one year ago. To celebrate this we have created a new version which contains lots of little features that help you to make your flight preparation even simpler.

We also added a new airplane based on your voting.

Last but not least we have added over 500 airports in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


Here is a short summary of all new features:

Flight Preparations
Switch between your current and previous flight preparations

All your Flight Preparations

Why only keep one flight preparation? Let's keep all of them for reference and for information.

All Flight Preparations in a list
Have an overview of all your flight preparations

Flight Preparations List

Easily switch between flight preparations and keep all of them in a list.

Local Flight based on Time
Define local flights based on time

Local Flights

A lot of flights are local, now you can easily define them.

Predefined Weights
Have a list of pre-defined weights for your passengers

Pre-defined Weights

Tired of entering the weight of your passenger over and over again? Now you can easily pre-define it.

Outside limits indicator
Outside the C.G. envelope?

Better Error Indicator

Get a textual indicator which weight is outside the limits. Takeoff weight, landing weight or zero fuel weight.

Ignore Wind
Runway Calculations without wind

Ignore Wind

Wind is changing. Do you want to ignore it for your runway distance calculations? Now easily possible.

LDA - Half Runway Marker
Indicators for an even better overview

TORA, LDA, 1/2 Runway

To get a better understanding of your environment we added some indicators.

Airports List
Your airport in Iduna FLY

Over 500 new Airports

Now a complete list of airports in Austria, Germany and Switzerland is available. Also all airports without ICAO are now available.

Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II
Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II

1 new Airplane

You voted and we added your airplane.

If you like what we do, we would be honored if you share or rate it.

Thanks in advance.


Happy preparing!

Your Iduna FLY Team

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