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Bucklige Welt, Südburgenland

Taking a dream of humankind to a whole new level

For thousands of years, we are dreaming of flying. A little bit more than 100 years ago we realized our dream. Aviation has become a huge industry. Still, the private aviation seems to be reserved for a small group of people.
Have you ever dreamed of flying in a small airplane from A to B instead of taking a car, train, or commercial plane? Or you always wanted to see your hometown from above? Now it is time to make that dream come true.

Wingly is the platform to realize that dream

As a passenger, you can fly with trusted pilots in small airplanes with 2-6 seats for a reasonable price. Private flying is now at your fingertips. You can request a trip or check out available ones. They have recently released an app which makes it even easier.
Are you a pilot? Then you can offer a trip and share the costs. That way, on average, you can save 75% of your costs. Ride sharing was yesterday; now we have flight sharing.
Let's democratize private aviation. Make it available for everyone, safe, easy and legal. Wingly is the social platform that makes all of that possible.
Bertrand the allrounder, Emeric the pilot and Lars the technical mastermind founded Wingly in 2015. I had the honor to meet them at the AERO 2017 in Friedrichshafen. It was a very inspiring talk. I could see that Wingly is about changing the aviation world.
We stayed in touch and worked out a cooperation. Our target: make private aviation even easier, more accessible and more transparent.
The aim of Iduna FLY is to make flight preparation easy and clear even for non-aviators. When you share a flight, you always have different conditions. Mass & Balance and airport conditions change every time. Don't worry - you can quickly check if you are within limits with Iduna FLY.
Thus, Wingly + Iduna FLY form an excellent cooperation. Every pilot and passenger can benefit. Let's take the dream of humankind to a whole new level and make private aviation available and affordable for everyone.
Curious to make your first trip with Wingly? Here are some images to convince you that you will see the world as never before. Or imagine your passengers, how thankful they will be for an unforgettable trip.

The sun goes down in Burgenland

Dachstein - on our way home from Salzburg

Grimming - also on our way home from Salzburg

Neusiedlersee in the evening

Steiermark on our way home from Graz

Somewhere above the alps



Checkin on the Wingly homepage and request or post your flight


Your Iduna FLY team

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