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Iduna FLY aims to make flight preparation as clear, easy and straightforward as possible. Here you see the well-defined set of features to accomplish this goal.

Iduna FLY Edit Airplane
Add your airplane

Define your airplane's configuration

You can add as many airplanes as you want. For each airplane profile you can define all your equipment and select your preferred measurement units.

Define your route
Enter Departure, Destination, Alternate and you are good to go

Specify your route

Set your airports and the weather data for each airport. The rest of the calculation is done for you.

IFR routing
IFR Routing available

IFR routing available

Are you planning to fly IFR? You can plan your route directly in Iduna FLY. It has never been easier.

Iduna FLY Weight & Balance
Takeoff, Landing and Zero Fuel Weight calculated within seconds

Weight and Balance

All airplane-specific extras are taken into account for the calculation. Always make sure all your weights are within C.G. limits.

Iduna FLY Summary
Weight & Balance, Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Destination, Alternate at a glance


See everything summarized on one page. Change anything you want with one click.

Iduna FLY IFR Flight plan
Easily create your IFR route and file your flight plan

IFR flight plan filing

Manage your IFR flight plan efficiently. File, delay, cancel and close. As easy as it gets.

Airport specific conditions
Landing Runway, Flap Setting, Runway Condition, Slope, Grass Length

Airport-specific conditions

For each airport you can change the conditions. Play with it and try different scenarios. If the controller asks you to land on a shorter or a grass runway, you can easily check if it is still long enough.

Iduna FLY PDF Summary
Store it in iBook or iCloud, send via email or iMessage

PDF report

You can always make a summary of your pre-flight calculations and export it; always have it to hand.

Iduna FLY Supported Airplanes
New airplanes are added frequently

61 airplanes already supported

Check here to see all supported airplanes

Iduna FLY in action

A video says more than a 1,000 words. Get an introduction to what you can do with Iduna FLY.

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