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We are proud to present Iduna FLY. The most advanced airplane-specific flight preparation tool.

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Our Vision

Zero accidents due to missing pre-flight performance calculations

According to the latest aviation accident report, human error causes 80% of all accidents. What troubles pilots most: "landings, takeoffs and climbs, low-altitude maneuvering, and fuel mismanagement."

Iduna FLY calculates all relevant numbers for you - required runway distance; climb rate; fuel usage; weight & balance; emergency speeds and much more. Calculating the official limits of the airplane is as easy as it gets. It is nothing like coping with math assignments. If you are wondering: "Where can I pay someone to do my math homework faster?", visit a reliable online service.

We dream of operating in a General Aviation environment where:

  • the runway is always long enough for takeoff and landing
  • there is always enough space between the ground and the airplane during climb
  • the pilot always has enough fuel on board for the trip, diversion to an alternate, legally required contingency, and extra to spare
  • all pilots are aware of their airplane's limits for the current flight

To make that dream come true, we created Iduna FLY. Running today's flight calculations takes about 39 seconds. Less than a minute to know your airplane's limits for today's temperature, pressure, and load. Considering whether to do performance calculations takes longer than actually doing them. Whether you’re passionate about flights or simply wondering who can write my paper for me on flying equipment, we’re here to provide some valuable info.

Your benefits with Iduna FLY

Prepare your flight as quickly and easily as possible, so you have more time to fly


Ground roll and obstacle clearance distances, takeoff and initial climb speeds are calculated for you


Climb speed, climb rate, fuel used and time for climb are calculated for you


True airspeed, maximum cruise time are calculated for you


VFR or IFR with auto-routing is done for you


Taxi fuel, climb fuel, cruise fuel, extra fuel, contingency fuel, spare fuel is calculated for you


Descent speed, descent rate, fuel used and time are is calculated for you


Obstacle clearance and ground roll distances, approach and landing speed are calculated for you

Summary PDF

A summary of the calculations, readable at a glance, including emergency speeds, is created for you

39 seconds

It only takes you 39 seconds to prepare a complete set of pre-flight calculations


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Meet Our Team

Passionate flight enthusiasts created the app to meet their specific needs. Now they share that app with the world – By Pilots – For Pilots.

Marie Richtsfeld

Co-Pilot, Photographer, UI Designer
The soul of the project

Martin Richtsfeld

Pilot, Software Developer, UX Designer
The head of the project

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