Service discontinues from November 1, 2020.

We are shutting down Iduna FLY. You can still run it on your device if you have previously downloaded it or use our Web App.

We thank all supporters that followed us on our journey - THANK YOU
Use the Web App on any device:
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App screen

The Iduna FLY system is for sale

Get all data of all airplanes, all calculations and the user interface of iOS and the Web

Please read more about that here.


Prepare your flight as quickly and easily as possible, so you have more time to fly


Ground roll and obstacle clearance distances, takeoff and initial climb speeds are calculated for you


Climb speed, climb rate, fuel used and time for climb are calculated for you


True airspeed, maximum cruise time are calculated for you


VFR or IFR with auto-routing is done for you


Taxi fuel, climb fuel, cruise fuel, extra fuel, contingency fuel, spare fuel is calculated for you


Descent speed, descent rate, fuel used and time are is calculated for you


Obstacle clearance and ground roll distances, approach and landing speed are calculated for you

Summary PDF

A summary of the calculations, readable at a glance, including emergency speeds, is created for you

39 seconds

It only takes you 39 seconds to prepare a complete set of pre-flight calculations


Find more videos here