We know people give their best when they love what they do.

You are expecting...

  • ... a detailed job profile?
  • ... a list of required skills which you can compare with yours?
  • ... fear that you do not have every skill?
  • ...

... then we are going to disappoint you

We do not believe in jobs and work. We believe in passion and contribution.

Our dream is to make flying safer. This means knowing the limits. The Iduna FLY App calculates everything from the manufacturer’s Pilot’s Operating Handbook [or POH] for you. One day we want to have every small airplane available in the app, so that you never need to think whether to do proper pre-flight calculations or not. It is done for you in seconds.

Download our app and play with it. Then answer these questions:

  • Do I love it?
  • Can I think of ways to contribute?

If you can answer them with YES, then contact us and we will find an arrangement that works.